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Quality Reagents

At Reagents Direct, we make it our mission to get quality reagents to your lab when you need them. We focus on reagents that make a difference in cancer and stem cell research as well as regenerative medicine. If you are a cell biologist, chemist or stem cell biologist looking for a fast and easy way to purchase high quality reagents, look no further. Our products have higher quality than you will find elsewhere, and at a lower cost – guaranteed. We know what it is like trying to stretch a research budget, and we aim to make it easier. Trust your cells to us. We will take care of them.

Direct to your Lab

We cut out the middle man. When buying quality reagents in the US or worldwide, you have to be careful of shipping costs impacting your budget. Not at Reagents Direct. We pass along our lowest negotiated shipping rates to you. Even better, we ship direct to your lab – anywhere in the world. You no longer have to worry about inflated prices from distributors because you can buy the same high quality reagents directly from the source, Reagents Direct.

Reagents Direct works hard to keep product and shipping costs down so your budget can stretch farther. It is our goal to give you all the information and support needed to use our reagents. However, it is also our goal to work alongside you and listen when you tell us which reagents you would like us to stock and how we can get them to you when you need them. We want to know what you want, what you don't want and what your friends want. We will work closely with you to explore all of your options to obtain your requested reagents. Reagents Direct is your reagent company. Let us know how we can serve you and get you back in the lab faster with reagents from Reagents Direct.